Order a clock with the logo of your company in NEOTEMPO!

Comandaţi ceasuri cu logo-ul firmei de la NEOTEMPO!

Order a clock with the logo of your company in NEOTEMPO!

It is quite natural that each business owner is seeking to make his company famous, turning it into a prosperous brand. One can achieve it just by taking into consideration every peculiarity and making use of it to promote his business mark.

If you want to spare the time needed for you to obtain this goal, you would just share it with your investors, business partners, staff and clients involved in or dealing with your company. Let everybody know your attendance regarding this important business value by getting a clock with the logo of your company in NEOTEMPO!

Branded clocks from NEOTEMPO can be used as advanced advertisement carriers, having such important functions as:

1.      An interior element in a company office or a present to a business partner.

2.      Being a functional accessory, it will become a smart and efficient promoter of your brand for a long time.

3.      A distinctive feature of your quality strategy, which will keep your company’s name on the top position.

4.      A relevant item for all the clients’ service posts with great amount of customers.

In NEOTEMPO shops you will find the most appropriate models from a quality clock series “TROYKA” by moderate prices as well as make an order of it to be branded (at least 50 items of a single model). Due to a vast offer range you will easily find all the variants that you need according to the color specificity and identical featuring of your room. The order will be realized in no more than 60 days and will add just 10 % to the item’s retailing price (for a logo’s production).

If you are a businessman or a specialist in marketing, please contact us by phone or visit any of our NEOTEMPO shops. We help you to find the best clock, which will represent your brand.  

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