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31 Oct 2018
NEOTEMPO | 31 Oct, 2018 | 2264


It is often a real deal for one to make a bright and uncommon present to his or her boss or business partner, because any general solution could hardly be relevant in this case. At the same time, any attempt to know in detail about one’s boss’s tastes and preferences could lead to a misunderstanding and make the problem more difficult to solve, because he would certainly be more competent than you regarding his own tastes.


If you want to make a real present to a person, whom you are dealing with in your business, the best gift for him would be an exquisite table clock. Such a present would be convenient for both male and female and would never lose its value. Thus, such a gift would be quite proper for any special occasion, such as birthday, Christmas, a company’s anniversary, any professional celebration date, etc. Moreover, being not just an efficient accessory, but also having a decorative value, the table clock would easily find its proper place in the room or office of your boss.


The only question concerning this case is to make a right choice, finding the most appropriate variant for both the style and interior design of your boss as well as for your current financial condition. But due to the RHYTHM’s largest selection of goods you will get an opportunity to make the best choice in both the issues!


Rhythm Watch Co LTD is a world’s largest producer of interior clocks for more than 70 years. It became famous due to the highest quality of its products, smart design and moderate prices as well as a patented technology Sound in Place. It is this technology that provides to the quartz clocks a chime and melody value equal to that of expensive mechanical clocks. This technology will let you enjoy a real full sound, near to acoustical capacities of a concert hall. In addition, you will get a 2-year warranty and enjoy 0 % credit for all the acquisitions in NEOTEMPO outlets.


If you are looking for some cheaper variant, the RHYTHM 45G724W506 model seems to be right the clock you need. This clock will add performance and style to a modern design room, making it more exquisite. It has a wood-like solid plastic case and rotating pendulum. Its details and elements are produced and assembled in conformity with the highest quality standards, and the price is quite moderate for such a famous clock producer’s goods. So, you will find in RHYTHM clocks the best price-quality combination, which will make you happy.


The RHYTHM CRJ721NR06 is a classical vertical clock, endowed with larger dimensions and upgraded options. If you are going to make a present to your boss or business partner, and your boss or business partner’s office is large and classically designed, you will not find a better variant than this. The clock has a brown wood case and a Roman numeral dial (unlike in the previous item with Arabic digits on dial). Its acoustic capacities are the topic of particular regard, that’s besides the presence of the abovementioned technology Sound in Place, it has 4 frequency-controlled sound modes as well as melody and chime settings (the Westminster Chime, Ave Maria tune and simple chime available). Finally, it has sound level controllers and automatic sound turn off function in the night, that will spare the battery charge and keep the silence in the office. It is quite natural that this model of clock costs more than the previous model.


In case you would like a horizontal clock, the RHYTHM CRH172NR06 model will be quite that you are looking for. It is a compact round-shaped clock set on an elegant stand. Due to its design and brown wood case it will perfectly complement the office table. Its acoustical capacities are as enhanced as those of the previous model, combining at the same time the quartz clock performance with mechanical clock design. This clock’s cost is a bit more than moderate due to its specific design.


Summing up the exposed above, we can assure you in the most successful solution in us concerning the present for your boss or business partner regardless his/her individual preferences and tastes. As to the prices, we offer a large, detailed and manageable online-catalogue of our products, by means of which you would easily find the item most convenient to you financially. But if you want to completely get rid of any doubt or make sure of your own decision, welcome to our commercial outlets! Here we will offer you all the optimal variants and help you to choose the best one. As best as it is in the business affairs, in which your time and your right choice are of a paramount importance. With NEOTEMPO you will succeed in both! 


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