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22 Sep 2018
NEOTEMPO | 22 Sep, 2018 | 5007


Few people buying the hand-watch seem to pay their attention to the watch-glass and the material it has been made of. However, this element is quite important because of the functions it performs such as protection of the watch movement and the aesthetic outlook of the hand-watch. If you are living an active life and used to take care of your watch, the mentioned detail will be relevant for you.


Watch-glass types


There are 4 kinds of material used to make watch-glass:


1.      Plexiglass – is a lightweight and transparent kind of plastic, which is used in production of cheap watch models. It is resistant to strikes, but it is exposed to scratches. It is also polishable, but after a period of time it may get turbid again.


2.      Mineral glass – the most popular type of glass, which is used in most hand-watches because of its optimal combination of quality and cost. As a rule, there is a CRYSTAL GLASS sign on the back cover of a hand-watch, equipped with this kind of glass. Sometimes this kind of glass is reinforced with additional special coating, which makes it more resistant to damages and scratches.


3.      Sapphire glass –the most expensive type of glass and the most resistant to scratches. Diamond is the only material that is harder than sapphire glass, but it’s easier to break than mineral glass or plexiglass. Sapphire glass is used in a premium type watch, on the back cover or dial having the sign SAPPHIRE or SAPPHIRE CRYSTA.


4.      Combined glass – includes a thick layer of mineral glass and thin layer of sapphire, in result being as hard as the sapphire glass and a relatively low price. 


Which glass to choose?


You can identify on your own which type of glass is used in a certain model of watch. Just grip a mineral glass watch and then a sapphire glass watch one after the other and you will see that a sapphire glass watch will get heated slower than a mineral glass one.

Also watch-glasses are different in their shapes (round/lunette and curved/shaped crystal), profile (flat, spherical, in forms of lenses and more complicated forms) and thickness.

You should take a closer look on the last 2 characteristics, if you are interested in diving. In that case the glass should be 1.2mm thick and of convex form, which will help to distribute the pressure all over the watch surface.

If you are going to buy a hand-watch, guide yourself according to the parameters you find the most important and then choose the variant of their optimal combination.



Always be careful with the hand-watch glass and avoid straight hits on it. Wipe the watch glass only with a soft cloth. In case of damage stop the hand-watch to keep safe the watch movement, and take it immediately to the nearest official service center.


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