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Time can be bought! Interest-free credit options to buy the hand watches NEOTEMPO

We always update our module lines and know that our hand watches are really attractive. That’s why NEOTEMPO did its best to make you happy every time you visit our shop and find the accessory you really like. And it is not all! There is available a fast, easy and profitable way to get a credit for purchasing any model of the hand watch. Formalization of the credit will take less than an hour and require just your identity card. The credit will be issued with zero percent and without any first fees, hidden payments or overpayments.

Arrange the time as you like!

The option to purchase in credit NEOTEMPO hand watches is available for a period of 6 and 12 months. Please see our online catalogue and find out the amount of monthly payment for every week, just selecting in a drop-list in the right of the goods title the period of time which you find most appropriate to pay the accessory’s cost.

3 easy steps to get a credit 0%:

1)    Fill in the application form to get a credit and purchase the watch you wish (identity card needed);

2)    Wait for the answer to the application, which will come in 15-30 minutes;

3)    Sign the credit contract which has been constituted and become the owner of the hand watch without any first payment.

For more information please contact us by phone: +373 69 19 28 60 and email:

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