NEOTEMPO Watch Store

NEOTEMPO Watch Store


NEOTEMPO is a retail and wholesale watch company founded in 2002. For over 21 year long activity we have involved thousands of clients that choose hand-watches and interior watches for themselves and as a gift to others. All of them see it not just an elegant accessory or an interior detail, but as well a status item. Pragmatists accustomed to reliable mechanisms also find among our models something what suits them.

In order to meet the demand for this kind of commodities, we have become  distributor of the  RHYTHMTIMEX, PIERRE LANNIER, SWISS MILITARY HANOWA, HANOWA, POLICE, DANIEL KLEIN, TROYKA, MORELLATO straps in the Republic of Moldova. Due to this fact, we offer just high quality original products as well as provide guarantee and post-guarantee service and regularly present new models of watches

We appreciate time in a literal and figurative sense, because we deal with time. That’s why our stores are conveniently located in Chishinau’s trading centers, so you can look in there even in a lunch time to find a gift for a close person or a precious commodity for yourself. We also have presents for our business-partners: NEOTEMPO fulfills corporate orders. A fast and easy way to get a credit for 0% to purchase a watch is also included for you to save your time! So, you can easily afford something that really fascinates you.

Your favorite watches are available in catalogues on our web site and presented in offline stores. You can take a look at the models you like and ask any question online for more details. Visit any of our stores, so that our consultants could help you to make the best choice, or make a request for a detailed info regarding the product range right in the store.

Perhaps you want to become not just a good costumer but also our business partner. We invite to partnership regional offices and we are ready to discuss any interesting ideas.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s important not to forget that the time has also a value, and now is the best time to visit NEOTEMPO.

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