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Succumb to the subtle marriages of colors and lights of the 055M791 women's watch from the AURA collection.

Its very feminine 12mm bracelet in two-tone silver and rose gold steel will go very tastefully with all your outfits. Ideal for those who like to mix colors and who dare to stand out from the crowd!

Very current, the 055M791 women's watch has a stainless steel case 30 mm in diameter, rose gold in color. This case houses a mother-of-pearl white dial which will bring brilliant light to your wrist when you move your hand.

The case as well as the hands and indexes of this watch are rose gold in color, and provide a delicate reminder of the watch strap.

Waterproof up to 30 meters, this watch will accompany you in your daily life, and you will therefore be able to wear your watch in all your moments of life, without risk of damaging it due to water.

The Pierre Lannier 055M791 women's watch in rose gold-plated steel will be delivered in a box in the brand's colors.

General information

Country of origin


Water resistance



2 year

Watch mechanism






Stainless steel




Ø 30 mm


Rose gold








Bracelet / Strap

Clasp Type




Lug Width

12 mm


Stainless Steel




Watch functions

Hours, minutes, seconds




As its 40th anniversary approaches, Pierre Lannier is now one of the last French watchmaking brands that creates and produces watches

Based in the Alsace region, the company employs 120 workers who combine their expertise and agility to offer you quality timepieces at an affordable price.

Designed by a team of experienced creators, the men’s and women’s watch collections move with the times and offer modern, contemporary models that associate precision, with refinement and elegance. As a gift or for your personal pleasure, the Pierre Lannier watch is always there for every exceptional moment and adds the perfect touch to all your looks and outfits.

Don’t wait any longer and discover latest Symphony and Cristal watch collections. Symbols of glamour, which combine chic, elegance and discretion.




Created by Béatrice and Jean-Paul Burgun, and developed on the philosophy of quality, passion, creativity and proximity. Currently led by Pierre Burgun, the brand is still true to its founding principles and evolves with the times to continually offer up-to-date models that underline one’s personality with elegance.

Located in the heart of the French Alsace region the company has evolved over the past four decades and employs 120 fulltime employees.


Owned productions sites that offer a unique expertise and added value

In order to ensure the best satisfaction of consumer demands, a team of creators and stylists, based in France, are always conceptualizing new models and assuring a continuous renewal of products which are always in line with the trends. Whether your style is classic, chic, elegant or resolutely trendy and urban, everyone will find their favourite among the Pierre Lannier collections.

The brand is now present in more than 1,500 points of sale worldwide and in Republic of Moldova


More than 600,000 watches are sold every year, thanks to an ambitious expansion and development strategy . Pierre Lannier also exports watches to more than 60 countries on 5 continents and has attended Baselworld, the key international meeting point of the worldwide industry brands and distributors, for the last 30 years. It is certain that the brand continues to gain momentum with a strong growth in France and around the world.

Warranty terms and conditions


The product has a 24-month warranty term from the day of the purchase.

The present warranty card is valid only in case a correctly completed warranty coupon and a defective product are presented.  

The present warranty can be applied only to the product’s defects emerged because of manufacturer’s guilt.

If a defect is found, the product’s parts and their replacement are totally free. Terms of damaged product’s repair are determined by the service center regarding each particular case. Terms of repair do not exceed 45 days. The warranty term is prolonged while the product is being repaired.


The following items are considered acceptable and do not constitute a defect during the warranty term:


  1. The battery applied to the product by the manufacturer is discharged. The change of battery during the warranty term is accomplished in the service center and is free. Only the battery’s price is to be paid by the customer.
  2. Strap, bracelet, case, buttons, handles of the product are worn out or their cover (gilt, metal, etc.) is removed during the usage.
  3. An hour hand and minute hand mismatch of less than 0,5 minute graduation is occurred (both hands initially being fixed in position 12:00).
  4. A second hand divergence of 0,5 second graduation is occurred.
  5. A free play of hour hand or minute hand not exceeding 0,5 second graduation is occurred.
  6. Functional and technical divergences of the product from the data pointed out in documents, if they can be regulated and corrected in the service center without replacement of parts.
  7. If used in harsh drops of temperature, small amount of condensate can emerge on the reverse of a glass.


Warranty cannot be applied to the following items:


  1. The product has signs of hits and mechanical damages, such as dimples, dents, detached hands, marks or digits, absent or deformed winding handles, etc. as well as marks of unsanctioned opening or repair attempts made by the unauthorized service centers. 
  2. Internal and external damages, caused by any kind of mechanical contacts, hits or vibration, handling by force with any of the product’s parts, broken or detached glass, cracks, splits, chips, scratches, scores of surface, deformed materials and parts, broken or curved axis of the regulation handle, broken bracelet lugs of case, etc.
  3. Damages caused by contacts with water due to the neglect of the usage rules. Watches marked by the “Water resistance” inscription are not destined for swimming. Any operation with handle and buttons of watches sunk in water is prohibited (except special watches for underwater swimming marked “Diver’s”).
  4. Damage of the calendar mechanism, caused by manual setting of time by the customer in the period from 11:00 PM and 04:00 AM, when the function of automatic change of date and time is being activated.
  5. Damages, caused by contact with caustic or corrosive chemical substances or liquids.


Warranty repair works are not accomplished in the following cases:


  1. Infringement of usage rules or usage of the product beyond its predestination.
  2. Absence or incorrect completion of the warranty coupon (absent name of model, date of purchase, manufacturer’s register code, stamp of the commercial company, customer’s and vendor’s signature) as well as presence of a warranty coupon of dubious origin.
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